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LAGOM – Fluente Chorus Concert 2020

Client / Fluente Chorus
Project Year / 2020

Origin / Hong Kong

Branding | Layout Design

「弱水三千 只取一瓢*」– a concept originate from Buddhism, meaning that we might encounter several splendid stuff once in a life time, but all we have to do is to treasure the most precious one at the moment.

"Lagom är bäst" – a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount is the best", share same meaning with the Chinese Buddhism.

There are numerous shut downs of different music and performing arts groups under the pandemic period. Fluente Chorus, however, raise in the turbid waters of the river just because of their enthusiasm of music. No one knows where it flows and when it vanishes, but at the moment they share the same ladle of water.


*「一瓢」is a poetic meaning of a ladle.


The Ladle and the flowing water.

While everyone in this music group are in their organic form who never forget why they start, the key visual of the concert uses a geometric shape to illustrate the ladle and utilise soft and translucent blue gradient to translate the flowing yet shimmering ladle of water.

Artboard 3.png
Artboard 2.png
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