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Hart Haus Recruitment Campaign - The 5-course

Client / HART Collective LTD.
Project Year / 2019

Origin / Hong Kong

Campaign | Social Media

"The five courses" organised by HART Haus offers participants general knowledge of the role, responsibilities and expectations of an Art Manager practising in Hong Kong. In the Manager’s daily operation, communications and connections made with all walks of life are both very challenging and exciting. As the profession requires exquisite attention to details, with the accumulating sensitivities to one’s surroundings, the Manager gains not only creative ways of problem-solving at work, but also the spirit and skills in exploring, discovering and even enjoying the difficulties encountered in the everyday lives. Having the talks and sharing arranged with five distinct focuses, in addition to the presentations on various case studies, participants will gain perspectives looking into the art industry, and bring insights to enjoy more of their current career.


Using a circle to a multi-sided polygon to represent the participant could gain insights in different perspectives gradually about art administration after joining the 5-course.

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