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Analogue – Fluente Chorus Concert 2021

Client / Fluente Chorus

Industry/ Music, Performing Arts
Project Year / 2021

Origin / Hong Kong

Branding | Layout Design

Duality is a concept commonly discussed in both philosophy and science.
It refers to a pair of complementary yet contrasting concepts, like Yin and Yang, strength and gentleness, sadness and joy. One term cannot make complete sense without the other.


Goodness and evil, life and death, freedom and restraint... How do we determine which is better? Duality also exists in human nature. In the process of reconciliation, do we gain or lose? Or are both sides actually one?


Duality – Opposites exist in oneness, complementarity and interdependence.

The visual identity takes inspiration from the concept of "Yin Yang". While there is neither absolute kindness nor wickedness, the key visual uses a vivid contrast between white and black, yet blending them together to form a subtle shade of grey to illustrate the seamy side of life.

Artboard 2.png
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