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Hong Kong Polytechnic University   |   Lahti University of Applied Science (Finland)

“I would like to turn design into a state of mind, which can be woven into our everyday life in Hong Kong, so that our cultural identity can help the community.”

After studies in the field of Communication Design, Sara aims to create works that can convey meaningful messages. Design is a communication tool for everybody, acting as a medium to tell stories through a variety of media, fostering self awareness.

Sara believes that meaningful design does not only bring harmony with the environment, but also shows empathy for others. As a communication designer, she emphasises storytelling in her work, which she considers the soul of design.

While on exchange, Sara developed a fondness for Scandinavian design. She noticed that "people there do not see design as uncommon, but as an integral part of daily life that we can all embrace".

Inspired by the Swedish term “Lagom”, meaning “just the right amount”, Sara wishes to find a subtle balance of design, history and culture. this notion eventually became her creative vision: to produce meaningful stories through design that can be embedded in everyone's life.



2019 DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award

2017 DISH logo competition Finalist

2017 Fung Scholarship


2019 Freelance designer @ HART Collective LTD. (HK)

2018 Graphic design intern @ Paperwhite Studio (Graz, Austria)

2018 Part-time designer @ Hei Shing Book Design (HK)